Mass Incarceration. The New Jim Crow. The War on Drugs. Thanks to Professor Michelle Alexander these phrases are now intimately linked in the minds of social justice advocates and faith leaders as we begin a critical struggle for fairness, justice and human rights in the criminal courts, police precincts and prisons of America. The Next Movement is convinced that America can do better, and that the majority of Americans would want us to do better, if they knew the truth. The truth about systemic incarceration, structural second class status, completely uneven law enforcement practices, oppressive and selectively enforced laws that is filling the prisons of America.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

The House I Live In - Documentary Screening Nov 3, 2012

Friends of Justice!

Please make a special effort to attend, and to invite your friends and colleagues, to the special FREE film screening of the powerful new documentary The House I Live In.

November 3, 2012

2:30pm Rev. Otis Moss III and filmmaker Eugene Jarecki
3:00pm Film Screening
4:55pm Q&A
5:30pm Popcorn, Punch and Networking

As I read The New Jim Crow, Michelle Alexander's ground breaking book that describes the systemic structures that are led to the mass incarceration and criminalization of millions of people of color, I still remember my feeling that this book would be the "tipping point" that would begin to halt the growth in incarceration in America. More than two years later, as I've witnessed the fresh organizing and mission priorities of many social justice institutions, the impact of Professor Michelle Alexander's book continues to reverberate and grow the movement to end mass incarceration.

Eugene Jarecki's new film, The House I Live In, delivers another powerful blow to the American prison industrial complex as he provides personal perspectives from every front of the War on Drugs - from the dealers to abusers, police, corrections officers, judges and prosecutors – and they all reach a common conclusion: The War on Drugs has failed, and we must do something.

Please share broadly! While it would be great if everyone would read The New Jim Crow, this movie is another tool in building the mass movement we will need to bring about the systemic change we demand.

 Daryle Brown